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The Spectrum family varies in waist width from 115 mm down to 85 mm, with the freeski-oriented Spectrum 105 owning a century-plus waist. All share Elan’s Amphibio Profile, which creates a cambered inside edge and a rockered outside edge—along with a right and left ski that “creates an asymmetrical look you’ve got to get past,” says Gaudet. The Spectrum 105’s highest scores came in for carving, with lower scores for stability, where several testers mentioned tip chatter at high speeds. “Smooth turn transitions but lacks power and spring out of the turn,” says Witman. Other tech details include a wood core, vertical sidewalls and a diamond-shaped tip and tail designed to enhance flotation. “The ski makes dust on crust enjoyable,” says Phillips. “The edge is there when you need it, and the tips float well.”

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